How This Works

Keeping things simple…

A new question will be published each Wednesday on Bible Quiz at 00:01 UTC / GMT.

1. Make sure to visit Bible Quiz Weekly on time. [Be there on Bible Quiz at 00:01 UTC/GMT]

2. Be the first to answer each new question. [You just need to be logged in and leave your answers in the Comment section below the new question. You can post multiple answers (comments) but only your first entry will be considered for evaluation.]

3. Make sure to get your answer right as well. [Timing + Accuracy both are important.]

4. Answers must be complete. [Exact answer + exact Bible reference required.]

Answers for the previous Bible quiz question and the winners will be revealed once each new Bible quiz question is published. [Comments will be disabled for the previous Bible quiz question. You will not be able to post your answers (comments) anymore.]

In case a question is not answered correctly a particular week, the same question will be carried forward to the following week.

As always, the quiz master’s decision is final. [Bible Quiz site admin is the quiz master.]

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